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Back Again

2012-06-27 02:54:52 by KingGostly

After about a year, I finally decided to scrape up what was left of my sanity and reinstall Flash after suffering a devestating crash. I have TONS of ideas for flashes so be looking foward to those, I'm trying some new stuff with the flashes, so hopefully they'll start looking a wee bit more professional. Thanks to all of those who gave their time to view my flashes and rated them above two fucking stars.

Well I figured the holidays was a good a time as any to make my first post. I just uploded my latest flash "The Santa Chroniclres". Give it a looky loo. Also, for those of you who want to be updated on the latest news add me on Facebook, it's still a baby so there's not much posted on it yet...hell...I don't even think I have a profile picture on it....all in due time....all in due time...

Anyway, I hope you guys add me, watch my latest flash, and give me a decent rating.

Have a great Christmas and Happy Holidays!

P.S. Search King Gostly for the facebook page.

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals